Sewer backflow


The City has a maintenance program to prevent sewer backflows. The Public Works Department uses a high-pressure jet and sewer vacuum mounted on a trailer to remove accumulated solids in the entry hole. The work is done regularly, except during the coldest winter months.

How to proceed

If the sewer pipe becomes blocked and causes a backflow, the resident should call a plumber. The plumber will look inside the pipe with a video camera to assess the problem. If after these measures have been taken, the problem is found to be on public property, the Public Works crew will do the necessary work. The resident can then forward a claim to the City within two weeks of the incident. A claim form is available on our Website or at the front desk of City Hall. The claim can also be sent by registered mail.

We suggest that you contact your insurance company to verify the clauses of your contract and, if need be, make a claim with them.

For emergencies on weekends, public holidays, or after business hours, please call the Patrol at 514 684-6111.

Things to know

Important notices

  1. The sewer cleanout inside your house must always be accessible and in good condition. If not, the City will not intervene.
  2. Building owners must install and maintain in good working condition one or more backwater valves or any other safety devices approved by the City to prevent any backflow (By-law 01-893, section 7.3.2).

Concerned department

Public Works, 514 684-1034

Boil water advisory in effect in the DDO territory