Frozen pipes


It’s winter and water is not flowing from your faucet, so your pipes may be frozen.

What to do if your water pipe is frozen?

First, open a cold water faucet. Then, using a hair dryer (not a torch), heat the water inlet located in the house, as close to the floor/basement as possible and as quickly as possible. Most of the time this technique works. If the water comes back from the faucet, a trickle of water should be left running all winter to prevent the pipes from refreezing.

In the event that thawing the pipe with the hair dryer does not work, you must contact a qualified plumber to thaw the water pipes. Please note: the plumber must be equipped with a steam machine and the City cannot make recommendations for a plumber.

At the contractor’s request, the City will come to the site to open/close the service box on the property.

Responsibility for Frozen Water pipe

The citizen is responsible for the maintenance and repair of their water pipes from the interior of the property to the city’s right of way. He must assume the costs.

If the freeze is located on the City’s side of the property, the resident may submit a claim.

Concerned department

Public Works, 514-684-1034

Boil water advisory in effect in the DDO territory