Did you know that the City now collects Styrofoam and #6 plastic?

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  • Did you know that the City now collects Styrofoam and #6 plastic?

Put aside your Styrofoam and #6 plastics, keeping them separate (use different bags or boxes). You can bring them to the collection sites of HHW, e-waste, etc. that takes place twice a year in the parking lot of City Hall, in the spring and fall.

In order to manage our recyclable materials more efficiently, let’s divert non-recyclable Styrofoam and #6 plastic from the recycling centers. It’s an eco-friendly gesture!

The recyclable materials you can put in your blue recycling bin are cardboard, paper, plastic (except for Styrofoam and #6 plastic), glass and metal.

Next collection sites dates

Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1

Sunday, September 11th

Link to DDO website

Other collection points

In Montreal, there are 2 drop-off points to dispose the products: the LaSalle and Saint-Laurent Ecocentres

Saint-Laurent Ecocentre

3535 Sartelon Street

H4R 1E6

Good to know

Plastics no.6: plastic utensils, trays (blue or black) for mushrooms, single-serving yogurt containers (note that yogurt cups sold in packages of 4 or more are generally not accepted, but small yogurt cups sold individually are generally accepted because they are made from recyclable plastic), transparent folding pastry wrappers (e.g. croissants), mini milk and coffee cream containers, CD and DVD cases.

Styrofoam: coffee cups, meat, fish and vegetable trays, protective packaging for electronic devices.

Watch for this logo, if you see it, don’t put it in your recycling bin; bring it to one of the City’s spring or fall collection sites dates.

For more information (in french) : https://www.recyc-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/citoyens/mieux-recuperer/quest-ce-qui-va-dans-le-bac/

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