Voluntary Tree Planting Program on City’s Right-of-way


The urban forest, a living legacy

It is possible to receive a tree free of charge to be planted on the municipal right-of-way of your property. The city takes full responsibility for the maintenance of this tree.

An inspector must validate if it is possible to plant a tree in this location. If the space is adequate, we will offer you a choice of species taking into account the principle of “the right tree in the right place” and urban biodiversity. The location of the tree will then be marked and planting will take place a few weeks later.

However, this request does not replace the obligation to plant a tree after obtaining a felling certificate.

Program admission requirements

  • The space must be sufficient taking into account the presence of other trees or apparent obstacles.
  • The location must not interfere with aboveground or underground infrastructures (irrigation system, cables, gas, water and sewer lines, streetlights, fire hydrants, traffic signs, etc.).
  • The location must not conflict with road safety requirements, such as a sight triangle, or municipal maintenance requirements for snow removal.


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